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Isuzu’s 7.5t ‘Urban’ and ‘Forward’ models – Euro VI

Isuzu’s 7.5 tonners are renowned for their payload and performance. At home in both rural and urban environments, the slim cab and folding mirrors provide safe passage through tight spots. The ergonomic interior, car-like controls, excellent visibility and manoeuvrability guarantee a comfortable driver experience. The 7.5 tonners are available with Isuzu’s Easyshift or manual gearboxes, matched to a choice of power units, with the added option of either a 3-man day or 7-man crew cab (the latter option only available on the ‘FORWARD’ N75.190, 5.2 litre, 190 PS model).

These vehicles offer market-leading payload carrying capacity, good fuel economy, easy cross-cab access, reliability and durability. They are popular with customers in small, niche businesses as well as large blue-chip, household-name, fleets.

With the advent of the Euro VI regulations, Isuzu now offers two engine options at 7.5 tonnes. Isuzu has introduced a new model but with a proven driveline pedigree - the Euro VI ‘URBAN’ N75.150 with a turbocharged and intercooled, four-cylinder, 3.0 litre, 150 PS engine. This model sits comfortably alongside Isuzu’s alternative 7.5 tonner – the Euro VI ‘FORWARD’ N75.190 with its turbocharged and intercooled, four-cylinder, 5.2 litre, 190 PS engine.

In summary, by taking the option of the 3.0 litre, 150 PS engine option, the new ’URBAN’ range of 7.5 tonners is just over 200kgs lighter than its ‘FORWARD’ 5.2 litre, 190 PS partner. The new ‘FORWARD’ N75.190 is ideally suited for more arduous operations, especially those with longer distances and faster average-speed requirements. The new ‘URBAN’ is ideal for payload critical, stop-start, local distribution operations.

Both vehicles have a designed gross train weight of 11000kgs which means they can legally tow a trailer and load of up to 3500kgs.

A lot of truck for your money

All trucks in the Isuzu range offer the same standard features - including many items that normally appear as 'optional extras' on other manufacturers' vehicles.

  • Reinforced floor structure
  • Door intrusion bars
  • Noise suppression
  • Driver and passenger SRS airbags
  • Keyless, remote-control door entry
  • Central locking
  • RDS radio and CD player
  • Electric windows
  • Pre-tensioning seat belts
  • Driver's Suspension seat (option on crewcab)
  • Heated mirrors

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Euro VI

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