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Product Range

Isuzu Truck’s Euro 5b+ and Euro VI truck ranges

The current truck range from ITUK comprises of modern, stylish, economical, payload-efficient vehicles from 3500kgs up to 12000kgs GVW. The well-established 3.5 tonne vehicles (whether pre-bodied or as chassis/cabs) are the hard-working ‘GRAFTER’ range. All vehicles above 3500kgs are the ‘FORWARD’ range with the exception of the new 7.5t ‘URBAN’. The ‘FORWARD’ range has vehicles at 5500kgs, 6500kgs, 7500kgs, 11000kgs and 12000kgs GVW.

A lot of truck for your money

All trucks in the Isuzu range offer the same standard features - including many items that normally appear as 'optional extras' on other manufacturers' vehicles.

  • Reinforced floor structure
  • Door intrusion bars
  • Noise suppression
  • Driver and passenger SRS airbags
  • Keyless, remote-control door entry
  • Central locking
  • RDS radio and CD player
  • Electric windows
  • Pre-tensioning seat belts

A great reputation

Isuzu’s reputation for building reliable, durable vehicles is worldwide and unquestionable. UK operators will enjoy economical, comfortable, practical vehicles and payload carrying advantages compared to vehicles from European manufacturers.

Isuzu Truck Prices

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